What a Time to Be a Couple

Cream Pie | Brandon Crawford | November 13, 2015

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Have you heard the saying time is money? Well, these days our generation spends a lot of time trying to get money (legally or illegally). We also spend a lot of time attempting to entertain the opposite sex. Your choice of a partner could increase your net worth or just simply make your head hurt. It’s quite common for men and women to settle on a relationship only to throw off each other’s hustle.

Barack and Michelle, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Kanye and Kim are today’s power couples of pop culture. Individually, their presence is to be respected for the many barriers they broke down in their professions. When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, it’s highly unlikely a soured couple emerges. Find someone who is as obsessed with green presidents, fly clothes, global issues, or overall personal evolution as you are.


The curves shaping those leggings attract distraction from your real goals. Watch out for the beautiful faces solely seeking attention, material goods, or plugs from you. Let’s stop being blinded by the idea of a trophy wife and go get trophies with your wifey.

Big Rings & Wedding Rings

As minorities, especially, we have to be careful with whom we invest our time. Too many individuals lack the experiences to conceptualize a great and successful relationship. Plus, today’s music and visuals don’t exactly encourage us to respect or trust the opposite sex. The world is too foul to those of us with a natural tan to waste our draft picks on individuals with fractured mindsets.

"It’s not using a man, it’s literally getting what you want by any means necessary.” - Amber Rose
“It’s not using a man, it’s literally getting what you want by any means necessary.” – Amber Rose

Ask yourself basic questions like:

  1. Do they kill your vibe?
  2. Do they kill your high?
  3. Do they kill your brain cells?

By all means, shoot your practice shots. See what’s up with the new shorty in class, trade some laughs with the potential queen at the party, or get social on media and slide into their direct messages. Have disciplined fun while training yourself to filter out the spam. Next time you come across a devil in a new dress, recognize it like DJ Khaled would recognize a good restaurant.


Keep grinding to become a better you. Really get to know and love all aspects of yourself. Life is so much more enjoyable when you have Kanye-level confidence all by yourself. You’ll be surprised by the caliber of people you attract or never noticed were right in front of you. In due time, that dope better half will come along for y’all to fuck with and fuck up some commas together.


Date Responsibly.