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The Forbidden Fruit | Tre Hardin | November 5, 2015

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Three songs for a good time and when you’re done, the 2000s R&B Pandora station is live the GOAT.

UNO: Ball Like This – Future, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Ink

For those of you who have seen Back to the Future countless times, like I have, you know that October 21, 2015 recently passed. So, since we’re basically living in the future now, it’s only right that the Future Sound is in its prime. Future’s been a machine this year: dropping two mixtapes (Beast Mode & 56 Nights), an album (DS2) and then a joint mixtape with some random Canadian artist. Damn, what a time to be alive.

Ask any DJ how many times they’re pretty much required to play Future right now.

True Story: It’s a Friday night, homecoming of course, at this house party and its lowkey lit. I’m the DJ and it’s pretty early on in the night so I’m pretty chill. Random girl walks up to me and pulls my head down so she can whisper in my ear: “If you play Future me and my girls will twerk.” So, I text my roommates like, “yo these girls are about to twerk when I play this Future.” Sure enough, I play Future. Her entire crew starts throwin’ it back and like a true point guard, I watch the team reap the benefits. That’s all it takes. Just play a random Future song that dropped this year and HU acts like its “Bandz A Make Her Dance” in 2012. (s/o #hu16)

Anyway, here we are in November and Future continues to ball out with an L.A. Leakers pushed track “Ball Like This” featuring none other than the crossover sensation, Kid Ink and Trap Wiz. The song is led by another one of Future’s trap symphony hooks and a verse from the sensational rapper. Wiz takes it back with his verse that will make you want to bump Cabin Fever for the rest of the day. Then Kid Ink… yeah. All said and done, it’s just another banger taken over by the Future Sound that could get played in any turn up scenario.


DOS: Oui – Jeremih

Whenever I saw or heard Jeremih’s name, I used to think oh true, “Birthday Sex” or that song “My Ride,” but looking back it’s clear the boy’s got hits. Late Nights with Jeremih was one of my favorite tapes when it dropped and he was definitely performing his Top 40s hits at Homecoming last year. He came back to the dark side this year when he got the double treatment with the “Planes” features from Chance and J. Cole. Considering all this, I wasn’t too surprised when I scrolled through Pitchfork’s best new tracks and I saw his name.

Sure enough, I play the song once and now it’s sitting at 17 plays in my iTunes after four days.

The song entitled “Oui” is a banger. Yeah, it’s still Jeremih and like my homie Charles would say, “it’s lusty”, but it’s so fucking good and the production goes crazy. Enjoy, but proceed with caution because this is one of those songs that will get addicting.


TRES: Bad Blood – Nao

There must be something in the tea because the UK has given us some of the most talented vocalists ever. You have the goat, Amy Winehouse, of course, then there’s also Adele (shoutout to her latest single, Hello), Laura Izibor, Sir Paul, Rod Steward, Elton John, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. That’s really just a few, but the run doesn’t stop here. London born singer, Nao, has become yet another incredible talent to bless my speakers from across the pond.

Don’t be intimidated by the uniqueness of her higher pitched voice.

Fellas, it might take some extra confidence for you to blast this riding around. With her most recent EP, February 15, turning heads across the globe she’s getting ready to drop her debut album next year and the first single is truly incredible. Not to be confused with Taylor Swift, Nao’s “Bad Blood” will please your music library much more than America’s Sweetheart ever could. (Especially if you go to Howard.) Her leading single reminisces on a past experience. I’m sure if you listen closely you’ll find yourself thinking about someone from back in the day.


HU Sounds: Reasons – WhoIsPrestige

Check out this new release from Howard’s very own WhoIsPrestige.”Reasons” is the first single off of his upcoming album. Peep the bars and crazy production coming from the Mecca.