No Innocent Lamb

El Mundo | Alexis Rogers | November 5, 2015

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“No innocent lamb”

That is what white Republican Angela Box called the black adolescent student who was assaulted by a police officer in her school. During a debate at Fox’s Houston Station, infamous Angela Box for her racist remarks went head to head against black activist Quanell X.

Let’s first recap on the situation that happened between the police officer and the young girl:

The video above shows a cellphone recording of the incident previously mentioned. The attack happened at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC. The girl was on her cellphone during class time. The teacher repeatedly asked her to get off the phone, and she refused.

Since a girl being on her phone was so disruptive to the class, the teacher thought it was best to call in police reinforcement. 

As you can clearly see in the video, the cop uses excessive force as he body slams the child onto the ground, throwing her, along with the desk in which she sat.

It is disgusting how the teacher decided to take action. It is unforgivable and repulsive how a police officer, someone whom we should trust with our safety, not only attacked this childbut put his hands on a girl. That should be looked down upon in any culture and within any race.

As for the Fox’s Face-Off debate between Angela Box and Quanell X, I am disappointed and saddened that there are people who condone these actions. During the debate, Box says that, “this girl was no innocent lamb.” She claims that there is a problem with young people disrespecting teachers and disrupting the classroom. Publicly saving her ass, Box acknowledges that the police officer went too far, but not before she blames the student for being on her phone, insisting that is enough cause for a police officer to use physical force. The victim in this video is a child. There should not have been a police officer involved, PERIOD.

Quanell X said it best, stating that there should have been a school counselor of some sort called in to speak to the student rather than a police officer.

“Since when is a child not paying attention in class, ignoring the teacher, and being on her phone a crime?”

After the video went viral, it was revealed that the girl recently lost her mother and became an orphan. It is unknown as to whether or not the teacher or police officer was aware of this; however, one can assume that the child’s behavior was due to her mother’s death, and such behavior should have triggered a teacher to infer that something may be wrong at home. There are teachers who love their jobs, cherish their students, and want the best for them, while other teachers, like the one who called the police on this “disruptive” girl, seem to just work because it is a job. Or maybe because that’s just her level in life. 


So maybe I’m crazy, but when a child loses her mom and withdraws to make herself invisible to the world is she still no innocent lamb? Does “the culture” still need to be addressed? Do black people still have this chip on their shoulder? Is the black lives matter movement still to blame, or are you just an angry black white woman?

Take a look at the debate, and take your stance.

Oh! But before I go, remember that time Angela Box had to resign from being a third grade teacher in Houston, Texas for making a comment about how “Ebola should take one for the team and take out Obama”? Or when she referred to Muslims as “bacon haters” and “goat fuckers.”?

Oh Angela, you’re so silly. I bet you really got some good laughs from that one. But hey, rule number one for every comedian: you can’t forget to laugh at yourself, too.

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