Kehlani: The

The Forbidden Fruit | Alexis Rogers | November 10, 2015

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The fact that I’m listening to Kehlani, right now, as I’m writing this, is a problem. HAH. Just. Kidding. 

As a dancer, music speaks to my soul. Well, the right music. Kehlani adds to the realness of my Indie Arie, Lauryn Hill, and J. Cole Spotify playlist. She gives me raw Hip-Hop with an R&B cover that excites your brain to allow you to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Her mixtape “You Should Be Here” ranges from a song about the relationship between her and her drug addicted, criminal mother to a song about the sensual feelings towards a night time lover/daytime crush. Then we have a song like “Bright,” which makes you feel like you’re either at church or at a cookout with your 50 cousins. This mixtape gives you options depending on the your mood, or the scene you’re in.

Kehlani where do you get all these choices for me?! Decisions. Decisions.

Side note: Just look at her. Tattoos Galore. Body on point. Edges on Fleek.


Obviously Kehlani does not need many words to describe her and her addictive music that puts you in trance.

Let me just leave you with this favorite of mine. Pretty sure you won’t stop watching it. Absolutely sure, you will listen to the rest of her mixtape.

Enjoy. You’re welcome.