If you’re white and you say N***** you’re a joke

Humans of Howard | Justin Jenkins | March 28, 2016

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If you’re white and you say nigger you’re a joke

Shout out Russell Schiller.

And you know what? Shout out to every society the diminishes black excellence but rapes our culture for profit. So let me break this down for you Russell.


Nor are you black.


-photo from blackgirllonghair.com

You can walk on our campus, flash ivory teeth, say your little ‘BlackWomenAreGorgeous” slogan and act like you are part of the mecca. But the second ‘nigga’ left your skinny lipped mouth you were stripped of that right.


To admit the progress took 10 steps back with you is an understatement. Filled with hot air you saw and opportunity in a culture. My culture.

A culture that has been fighting an uphill battle since the first ships fornicated the shores of Africa

You saw opportunity within your own glue colored skin and slobbered at media notoriety that would be bestowed upon such a ‘revolutionary’ student.

You made a joke of us.

And you made a joke of this school.

So I’m about to hang your ass out to dry. Hopefully the rest of your opportunistic-weasel-kind gets the message in reading this sacrifice.

Do you love black women? How many did you date in your days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Switching to ‘ebony’ when watching porn doesn’t mean you love black women.

You’re just mesmerized. Mesmerized by a glorious entity that you will never understand.

And you should be.

Because Black Women Are Gorgeous. Clearly you don’t know what that means.

You go to Howard. But you’re merely the incarnation of a capitalist Caucasian dominated society that sees dollar signs before they see onyx skin. Who cares that you feel left out Russell. When a black person says it to another. It’s a term of endearment. When you say it, it’s racist. Plain and simple

Oh that’s not fair? Neither is being a minority in America. So try and grasp this one microcosm of a rule and follow it. Oh you don’t understand? Your ignorant use of the english language shows you never will.

The funny thing is, when I saw your campaign, I was really rooting for you.

We all were.



– the photos in this article was taken from blackgirllonghair.com, and bet.com