Sex Week: I Love You Better In Sweatpants

Cream Pie | Justin Jenkins | March 4, 2016

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I love you better in sweatpants

Ciroc glass in hand, dark dress shimmering tight to the curves.

Hair flowing with a life of its own.

Pursed lips and cocoa butter skin with all the goods oils.

Pure melanin at its core.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Already broke your Insta ‘like’ record and its only been 15 minutes.

I still love you better in sweatpants.

And when the lighting perfectly kisses your sunbathed skin.

Glow blinding the haters.

Sleek stilettos ready to stab the first bitch that tries you.

Lipstick touched just enough to tantalize the imagination.

And pizza is life to you too?


I love you better in sweatpants.

You are beautiful.

with eyebrows on fleek, contour on point,

and of course booty poppin.

But the slight hum of your snore after love

makes me

I just…

I just love you better in sweatpants.

J. Jenkins