I Love HU

Humans of Howard | Justin Jenkins | February 24, 2016

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Chalky boards and tiled floors. Creaking doors and the stale air. This is not an old house this is Douglas hall. In every room of every building are carbon twins of one another. Howard University is not what it seems. Every student teacher and worker know what we were. Chameleons that smell of burnt hair and stale weed. A large balloon. All the air we had growing within us was seconds away from popping. It’s not unheard of hearing “Howard wasn’t my first choice” “FAFSA has me fucked up” “This too much” “Team light skin vs Team Dark Skin”. Welcome to the 13th grade which is the college of HU.

Things aren’t all bad. Sometimes the café decides to make food that wont take years off our life. And honestly there will be nights that people don’t get robbed. The people aren’t bad either. The men usually make sure their side females and girlfriends are both happy because at Howard it’s all about equality. And the women usually don’t lead on the few nice guys here for too long. Just make sure to get some free food and a shoulder to cry on when they find out the nupe they were with really wasn’t just about them. But Howard HAS FOUNDATION! Our student is still about education and black rights. We make sure we show up for a march for our at least an hr. to get some good Instagram photos. And even though our sit ins don’t shut down the school or even make much public noise. we still make sure to tweet about our disgust because at least some students with favorite that and know they helped with the cause.

New Howard, old Howard. Women turn girls fighting over men and good weave. While men turn to boys collecting women like Pokémon and curling their dry hair. Welcome to the chalky boards that no one looks at. Welcome to the hard tiled floors that slap your feet every time you get out of bed in drew hall. Welcome to our relationships that make us so sensitive and so simultaneously cold. Welcome to walking by the person you know better than anyone like a ghost.

Welcome to Howard University.

J. Jenkins