A poem for Dorothy, I am more than a Scarecrow

El Mundo | Justin Jenkins | April 17, 2016

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There is no place like home

But no, these fields are not my home

I may be a scarecrow but I am more

So send your crows, your torches and of course, your hate

I am not ‘scared’ just because you’ve branded me the name ‘Scarecrow’

I have as much courage as the Lion

And as much heart as the Tinman

I can be as fearless as Dorothy

I can even be the first King of Oz

But will not be oppressed because my skin is different

I am more


They say I need a brain

That I should stay quiet because I don’t have one

But who are you to give me limitations?

I know that I am intelligent

I refuse to be a slave in the mind

Chained to this stick the pursuit of knowing is my freedom

So you can crucify me and tell me that I am nothing but dried grass…

Tell me that I am to work these decrepit fields

That I am worthless…

I am not less than you because my skin is flammable

I am more


Dorothy’s ivory skin is beautiful

But so is my coco colored layered straw

And even though they both feel different to the touch

Our hearts beat the same

Friendship is love not sight

Respect is empathy not judgment

And oppression is systematic fear

I know this because I have a brain

You may call me a scarecrow

But I am not scared.

I am more


J. Jenkins