Here’s for the Real Friends

Uncategorized | Justin Jenkins | March 21, 2016

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Friends these days are just strangers who call themselves friends. We’re all so handsome and beautiful to the outside but so ugly to one another. We get boxed into these disjointed friend groups we barely trust. We’re such savages, we’ll eat our own pack just to suffice the hunger of the popular. This intoxication for a couple extra “follows” and “shares” has finally laid its poison in us.

You look around at all these people pretending to be friends. At least their squad looks popping.

It’s funny how many real friends you see who can’t even smile in pictures with each other these days. They just stare blankly and defiantly at the camera cause they’re “bad bitches.” Everyone’s squad has savages and they’re so close, but can’t even remember the name of their “best friend’s “mother. But that’s OK because the squad photos get more followers and that’s what really matters.

What’s your worth to this squad? Other than the fact that your personalities match up and you happen to share the same skin tone. That’s not enough these days. These days, one’s worth is how much you can pitch in for a bottle. At least it’ll be Hennessy.

But we get drunk together. That must mean we’re super close! Pawning it off as a turn up to distract ourselves from the fact we barely know each other. Trying to convince ourselves that we’re surrounded by people who truly care about our wellbeing.

Other than the fact that you all have the same colored skin, what do you really have in common with the people who you’ve surrounded with? Do they even like “Bob’s Burgers” as much as you?

If your friends are all white and you’re white, there’s a problem.

If your friends are all black and you’re black, there’s an even larger problem because we should understand the value of diversity.