Here’s a Morning Routine That’s Better Than Yours

Humans of Howard | Lin Miller | February 10, 2016

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Most morning routines aren’t exactly planned out and, for me, usually consist of waking up only to pee, snoozing my alarm as many times as possible, and then finally OFFICIALLY waking up just in time to brush my teeth and wipe my face. I’m out the door dressed, but I’m usually hungry. When one begins the search for healthy routines search engines will probably produce advice that suggests you spend 30 minutes reading and 15 minutes doing yoga. “Omg lmao” this is ACTUALLY ridiculous. Who has 45 extra minutes in the morning, and I’m not waking up 30 minutes early to read a book….Yoga and reading are great for the mind and body but these can probably be reserved for a weekend when you have free time you can dedicate to your mental well-being.

1.Sleep Naked

A great way to improve your sleep routine and wake up happier is to sleep naked. I’m not just being “fresh” either, there are several health benefits that stem from the lower body temperature associated with sleeping in the nude and getting to that deep sleep quicker. More “deep sleep” can also help to lower cortisol levels caused by stress and lowering stress can even help you lose weight. (Stress= The Hormone Cortisol= More Belly fat). Also, a lower body temperature will help keep the night sweats at bay if you’re a hot sleeper. The other benefits are all over the internet, go look.

2. Wake Up

The FIRST time your alarm goes off. Don’t snooze. Even if you don’t get out of bed, opening your eyes while still laying in bed will make the process of eventually getting out of bed easier. Not only does hitting the snooze button repeatedly give you shitty, interrupted sleep that leaves you groggy and makes anyone sleeping next to you hate you, but it also gets you off to a pretty miserable start. To help yourself keep from falling back asleep and set a good mood for the day, research suggests that smiling for a few seconds can boost your mood in the morning. Even if grinning isn’t the first thing you do, don’t use this “awake but lying in the bed” time to let your mind wander and obsess and worry about everything you have going on that day. Take a few moments to do nothing and center yourself. It’s easy to focus your morning routine on getting out the door as quickly as possible so that you’re not late to work or class, but your best bet for setting yourself up for a good day is to make sure you feel centered before heading out. Stop the rush even if just for a minute (literally set a 60 sec timer) and take a moment to close your eyes and not think about all the stuff you have to do that day. Wake up and be thankful. Don’t start the day stressing

3. Stretch

This can be light stretches in bed if you still don’t have the energy to get up. This will get your blood flowing and help you make that leap from the bed to the floor. If you decide you’re ready for the floor, then great. Just don’t go too far with the stretches as your muscles are tighter when you first wake up and you may not be as flexible as you are at 3 PM. So, don’t hurt yourself.

4. Eat something, even if it’s not a classic breakfast:

It seems like feeding myself is the hardest thing to do before getting out of the door in the morning. Eating something, ANYTHING, will help you focus better. At least for a while..until lunch time or you have time to situate yourself at your desk or in class. The goal here is to put something on your stomach to give you a little energy, keep you focused on not your starvation in the morning, and keep you from eating too much at lunch. Try a piece of fruit, a granola bar, some oatmeal, yogurt, or a hard boiled egg for something light when there no time for pancakes and scrambled eggs. For those of us who “can’t eat” breakfast, try drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up and lay off the late night meals to help your stomach adjust to morning meals.

5. Move your body:

This is the best part. I like to turn on my favorite song from the day before and dance in the shower to help myself wake up. Get yourself ready for the day. Be careful with this one, music can really influence your mindset and your first thoughts for the day are crucial. I personally learned this the hard way and had to restrict my Kid Cudi intake during my freshman year of high school.

6. Tidy your room:

This is self- explanatory and you should do it. Even if that just means moving your dirty clothes from “the chair” to the hamper. Baby steps.



If you noticed, NONE of these instructions included checking your phone or email. Save that for after your ready, but before you’ve left. I guarantee you these five things will make your morning noticeably better or your money back foreal.