Date Spots for the Hipster

Artsy Dates for the Hipsters of DC

Humans of Howard | Imani Lee | October 27, 2015

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You know whether you’re a hipster or not. And as a hipster, being one myself, I know I want something different out of my dating experience. Hipsters don’t want cliche date spots and activities, like dinner and a movie (unless it’s a picnic and at a pop-theatre). To someone who isn’t a hipster but is looking to date one, they most likely will not know where to take their hipster-bae.

For starters: take your hipster-bae to a musuem.

Hipster-baes love museum dates. It’s simple, artsy and isn’t forcing it. Museum dates are a perfect starter date and ice-breaker to get to know your hipster-bae and their artistic interests. Before you guys take off, make sure you have a blunt rolled. In DC, you have plenty of places to choose from. Find out of what kind of art interests them and narrow it down. There’s the Hishourn, which is modern art, the American Portrait Gallery, which is more classic, and more. Personally, my favorites are the Hishourn Museum/Sculpture garden and the Freer-Sackler Gallery (Asian art).

Go On Picnic/Photoshoot

Hipster-baes usually are quite comfortable out in the open air and of course, love an impromptu photo shoot. There are so many nice parks all around DC, like the Meridian Hill Park near the old Meridian dorms, that are perfect for picnicking. Roll a blunt, bring a camera and have some fun. (If you guys end up becoming a couple the pictures will be a cute memento to one your first dates!)

Take Some (Art) Classes

If you’re willing to spend some money on your hipster-bae, take some art classes as a couple. You can use an app called, SOSH (which I highly recommend for all artsy date information) to locate some art, cooking, fitness and dance classes available in any given city for your artsy enjoyment. There’s local painting classes, wine tasting and high-energy workouts to live DJ sets. Take a risk and try something new with your hipster-bae to make some memories.

See an Independent Film at a Pop-Up Theatre

There’s an amazing pop-theatre right here in DC called the Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market with a great selection of popular and independent films. What hipster doesn’t enjoy a good independent film? The theatre comes with a bar and is metro accessible! There’s also a very quaint cafe and market right behind it with a food truck outside absolutely perfect for a relaxing date on a nice day.


See A Show

Hipsters love concerts, but you have the know the right kind. You’ll find all the hipsters at underground shows at nightclubs or personal spaces for DJ sets and more. Take your hipster for an underground show at somewhere like the 9:30 Club by U Street or the Black Cat on U Street. Even easier is to check SOSH under “Shows and Entertainment” for the latest bands, concerts, DJ sets and more.

Cherish your hipster-bae. They aren’t like everybody else.