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Cream Pie | Alexis Rogers | March 3, 2016

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Submissions are in, Sex week is coming to a close, so it’s only right to give you what you’ve been waiting for. SEX CONFESSIONS! 

There were some interesting stories. Long, short, descriptive, and blunt. Most importantly, raw and dirty. Bison always tend to have some raunchy stories. I’d like to personally thank those for providing this tear jerking, mouth covering entertainment.

So without further ado…Here we go


An asexual encounter:

  • “I’ve once masturbated and wiped a little bit of my cum on this person I don’t like. Blessing they dumb ass with my seed. Lmao”

First Times:

  • “Let’s talk about the first time I ever squirted. I had been fucking him for a brick, but I was just getting the hang of actually having sex, especially with him (because it was kind of early in the school year and I hadn’t been fucking that much before, especially to this extent). So with the usually ass busting, he was going harder than usual (I can’t remember why) and hitting it doggy style, ass in the air and all of a sudden his stops. I’m like whaaaat and he’s looking down at the bed and says “I was thinking I know this girl didn’t pee on me because it doesn’t smell like it, but you’ve never squirted before either”. I was like I squirteddddd! I was so embarrassed at first because I had no idea I could actually do that, I had only seen it in porn! I thought I peed at first too ugh.”
  • “So the first time I ever had car sex .. sophomore year, I was so thirsty for it. We could’ve easily just drove back to his house but I wanted to get my ass busting in Beemer so I told him to pull over in the parking lot across the street from Drew and bust my ass. I realized pretty soon in that it was uncomfortable in the cramped space and OD hot and steamy in a bad way, lmfao. So I wasn’t mad when we finally stopped. We just sat there breathin in the steam and shit when he wanted me to suck his dick (for the first time since I’d been messing with him) and I didn’t really feel like doing it so I did it bad on purpose so he wouldn’t ask again until I felt like puttin in the work. But just know next time I sucked his dick I sucked his soul out. I just aint feel like doing it in that hot ass car ju feel.”
  • “It was my first time really being single. I didn’t really know how to act at first but soon I would know how to navigate the single life. So my roommate was always on tinder and he was like bruh you gotta get hip. So I run into this Panamanian jawn. So im like yeah jackpot or whatever. She low key. She don’t go to my school. Nobody would ever find out. So she comes over we smoke and then we lay down. And out of nowhere she just grabs my dick and she was just like I just wanted to see how big you were so I was like aight cool that’s wassup so I got the head and I smashed. And then for the next like month or so she was the main girl I was fucking. My birthday rolls around and shes like come over spend time with me on your birthday and I was like okay cool. When I tell you she let me do whatever I wanted on my birthday…bruh. She sucked my dick all night. Cooked me dinner and let me bust on her face. The moral of the story is, if you’re single fuck with an afro-latina jawn. Because they know how to treat a man.”

Something Questionable:

  • “Jalapeno lube. ‘nough said. My rectum felt like hers. ….. all in all, it was a spicy evening.”
  • “Last night, I really wasn’t feeling it with the guy I was hooking up with. Thankfully, my roommate was getting laid elsewhere, so I got up and went to sleep in her bed. When I woke up, I was surprised to see my guest had his arms around my nightstand lamp. He was cuddling my lamp. My lamp.”
  • “I’m bored and decided to meet up with a Georgetown boy from tinder for the first time. He’s attractive, and things start off well. The clothes peel off and I prepare to go down on him. “WAIT!!!!” he suddenly screams, my mouth two inches away from his dick. I look up at him, perplexed. “I, uh, don’t like blowjobs,” he says. I’m confused. Who doesn’t like blowjobs? “Are you sure?” I ask, hoping against hope. “Well, uh, actually, nevermind. Go ahead,” he says. I shrug, and begin to suck him off. Within seconds my lips start tingling. My mouth goes numb. I pull back. My lips are swelling up. I’m having an allergic reaction! Found out later he put spermicide on his dick BEFORE the condom without telling me.”

The Adventurous:

  • “My freshman year roommate was being visited by her long distance boyfriend. Clearly, she needed the room to herself. Unfortunately, my boyfriend at the time and I made the mistake of getting each other very horny… Long story short, we found a secluded lounge and had sex in one of the armchairs. Sorry, Martyrs.”
  • “I remember my junior year I was chillin with my girl Kayla at her house on my birthday. All day she been saying that she got something special for me. She really had a nigga thinking all day. Like I knew she was gonna throw that ass and neck to me that night but that’s expected cause we fuck on the regular. Later that night she invited one of her friends name Tisha to come over to smoke with us. Nothing in my dumb ass mind thought she had set this up until her and her friend were sitting all close to each other on the bed. I’m sitting on the bed with them and Kayla said to me “Go get comfortable” .. My happy ass went straight into the bathroom, took off my shoes and jacket, and took my happy ass right back into the room. I was going to take my clothes off and walk out there butt ass naked like a true savage but I wanted to make sure she was trying to have a threesome. I went back into the room and I seen them kissing and touching and slowly taking each other’s clothes off. I smooth took my pants off and they crawled over the bed to suck on my dick. Hella sloppy wit it. In my mind that shit was like a real life porno. I couldn’t believe it but I had to show up and show out like I really was a pornstar. I was hitting my girl from the back while she was eating her friend out… You know regular porn shit. But then shit got real. My girl got on top of me and started riding my dick down while her friend took a seat on my face. Her friend Tisha got up from her seat on my face and walk over to the other side of the bed to suck the life out of my balls while my girl was riding on top of me. That shit was so hard for me not to cum. I still haven’t fucked her friend yet though so I’m wondering how I was gonna make my move. When Kayla got up from riding me she told Tisha to lay down and spreaded her legs for me to stick it in. Both her and Kayla’s pussy was hella tight and creamy. We was all still high af so that shit was on a new level. I will never forget that night. Kayla was the real mvp.”

Now for those who enjoy a longer story:

Secret Lovers: Fam to Foes

  • “So this is a story about Daniel. Daniel has two close friends named Randy and Paul. Daniel, Paul, and Randy are so tight they’re more like “fam” than friends. Now I must explain to you how Daniel finds himself in a mix that is a concoction of lust and loyalty. One day Daniel meets Kia. Kia is Randy’s homie, they kick it and she seems like a cool chick. The gang already gave her the seal of approval, so she was definitely a cutie. Weeks go by and as things progress Kia and Randy hit it off. Somehow Kia’s becomes sort of a normality. Weeks go by, the trio are having a squad sesh and news is broken, Kia is cutting the fam Randy off. No particular reason besides the cliché. However, Kia is a cool friend and continues to chill with the gang, like the real homegirl she is. On a particular anomaly of a day at The Mecca two friends, Daniel and Kia have a tangent session of studying and just kicking it as homies. Good times, good vibes, and a great show. The show’s season has reached its finale and Kia exits. Kia awaits her elevator as her phone is overrun with encouraging texts from Monae, her best friend, telling Kia to seize her chance at doing something she has been avoiding. Damn Daniel, what has happened! He answers the door as Kia returns in commotion. Her guts spill as she tells Daniel that she’s had eyes for him since they exchanged friendly remarks at the start of the fall semester. Little did she know he was eating from the same restaurant of emotions. The two of them then did the unthinkable, destroying silly fears of friendship for a phenomenal freak fest. Who knew that something that was supposed to last maybe a night, would transition its wonderfulness to the morning. Round two in the morning was rather ridiculous. Laid up with a friend she finally faced and fortunately fucked. But there’s something different. Is it the passion, thrill, or participants that make this feel so amazing or should I say…possibly the best. Now can fam become foes over a female friend? Is this some reverse Best Man type themed story? Randy fooled wit Kia, Kia cut off Randy and she ended up falling for the fella she wanted to flirt with in the first place, Daniel. But can Daniel deny that he had thoughts of tongue tickling, touching, and thrusting this friendly female? But what about the fam? I mean sure no claims were made and nothing else is there between Randy and Kia, yet it’s still a phase of the past. Day 2 rounds 3 and 4 face covered in the morning dew licking her wonder warm wet womb. Nothing like breakfast in bed and giving a brilliant brown beauty head, thinks the blessed bull, before biting her inner thigh. After minutes she bursts numerous times as she ponders of how this friend, who’s fam with a friend she formally fucked, is the best. Now the question is can Daniel confide in his fellow fam Paul, about this concoction of a coincidence? Or is this one for the memory banks? But I’d be damn’d if Daniel won’t be back at killin and caressing Kia’s cakes on any given day until he figures it out.”

I hope you enjoyed these stories and were able to channel your inner dirty thoughts.

I know you were like this the whole time