Kamau Waset

  • Why America LOVES 'black-on-black crime'

    “Chicago” has been thrown into so many sentences lately that I’ve stopped caring to keep track. It usually follows as a rebuttal for #BlackLivesMatter activists—“Well, what about Chicago? Bl

  • Coming to grips with my male privilege

    I have male privilege, and I’m just beginning to come to grips with what that means. For nearly two years, I have been fighting on the vanguard of criminal justice reform. My time in the #BlackLi

  • I'm a threat but a mass shooter is not?

    Since the Black Lives Matter movement developed into a civil rights struggle it has been at the receiving end of criticism, speculation, and hostility- conservative media pundits have hastily come to

  • Mizzou, We Gon' Be Alright!

    The way things have been shaping up this past year and a half, Missouri has become the Alabama of this generation’s civil rights movement (Black Lives Matter). From the year long civil unrest that u