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  • A poem for Dorothy, I am more than a Scarecrow

    There is no place like home But no, these fields are not my home I may be a scarecrow but I am more So send your crows, your torches and of course, your hate I am not ‘scared’ just bec

  • Deep Down, We All Wish We Were Filthy Savior

    I’ve never met someone who wasn’t afraid of death…   I guess that's a perk of being the son of the Grim Reaper. The smi

  • If you're white and you say N***** you're a joke

    If you’re white and you say nigger you’re a joke Shout out Russell Schiller. And you know what? Shout out to every society the diminishes black excellence but rapes our culture for profit. S

  • The Stand Against The Rapist At Howard

    Are we that scared? Of women I mean... Are we that scared we need to do this to them. That we need to hold them back with laws and dick. A rape. A woman get’s raped. A friend, a sister, a d

  • Here's for the Real Friends

    Friends these days are just strangers who call themselves friends. We’re all so handsome and beautiful to the outside but so ugly to one another. We get boxed into these disjointed friend groups we

  • This is a politically correct article,

    This will be written politically correct. Because that’s what the government wants. There will be no reference to race/racism in this article, because, of course, that will upset the white people. D