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“Clumsy dancer. Always hungry.”

  • 50 Shades of Bison

    EXPOSED Submissions are in, Sex week is coming to a close, so it's only right to give you what you've been waiting for. SEX CONFESSIONS! 

  • Millennials: Make Your Sex Life Young and Sexy

    Between relationship goals and home wrecking hoes, sex has come to the forefront of millennial lives (behind career goals of course). Some are monogamous, while others are enjoying the single life. De

  • Kehlani: The

    The fact that I'm listening to Kehlani, right now, as I'm writing this, is a problem. HAH. Just. Kidding.  As a dancer, music speaks to my soul. Well, the right music. Kehlani

  • No Innocent Lamb

    "No innocent lamb" That is what white Republican Angela Box called the black adolescent student who was assaulted by a police officer in her school. During a debate at Fox's Ho

  • DC Welcomes President Donald Trump into the White House

    As we all know, President Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing for America during his Presidency. Republicans have made it clear that ending the war in Iraq, passing a healthcare reform, increasin