The Stand Against The Rapist At Howard

Humans of Howard | Justin Jenkins | March 22, 2016

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Are we that scared?

Of women I mean…

Are we that scared we need to do this to them. That we need to hold them back with laws and dick.

A rape. A woman get’s raped. A friend, a sister, a daughter is raped.

And then we never hear from her again. She’s no longer our problem. That’s usually how it goes right? At least that’s what was attempted Howard University.

I guess this story isn’t new. The story of women’s oppression and abuse continues on.

And is this really a surprise? As warped up as that’s sounds, is another rape really a surprise?

This is a Mans world.

A world of undeserving entitlement

We deem women as ‘hoes, bitches, and thots’. Treat them as if they are property and collect them as if they were Pokémon.

So I guess it isn’t..

Let’s sweep it under the rug. If you are man, the defiling of someone’s body and soul is not reason to be imprisoned.

The wounds will never be seen and words that may never be heard.

Jailed-rapists December 2014

A woman’s peace of mind was taken. And we fire her? The victim?

Why in so many-to many- cases, forced sexual acts that the victim is the one who needs to defend themselves. Nursing the wounds from the last attacker she barely has time to collect her thoughts before she is put on trial.

“Well…what was she wearing?”

Well the cut off jeans and tank top make the situation a lot more understandable.

“She was asking for it”

Of course she was most women ask to get raped.

“Are you sure this is how it happened.”

They’re probably being too sensitive. Typical.

Nah, fuck that!

Where is HIS trial? Where is his immediate interrogation arrest and imprisonment?

Where is Trevon Rodney?

Trevon Rodney The RA who works at College Hall South at Howard University he lives in Cook Hall. Twitter: KingTNB100 aka Trigga Trey

The RA who raped another RA and still has a place to lie his crusty head.


The sad thing about this man , this scum, is that he is just part of a larger clog of testosterone filled degenerates who see power in taking advantage of things physically weaker.

They don’t see a friend, a sister, and a daughter.


They see nothing but pleasure in the evil they commit.


Perhaps in getting caught.

This evil is on every college campus.




I’m hurt. As a man I’m hurt. As a brother I’m sobbing. And as a student I’m disappointed.

Disappointed in these turn of events. How Howard scuffled there feet in the quickest attempt to ‘fix’ this mess.

This is why victims tremble when attacked.


This is how one goes from a harasser to a rapist to a serial rapist.

A victim can’t even shake hands without flinching. The trauma of being raped is magnified 10 fold as SHE is questioned on her own sanity.

Hunted like game with no defense from the predators.

This isn’t about statistics.

This is about Trevon Fucking Rodney. Former student of UCLA from Torrance, California. You think this is his first time. That he suddenly cracked?
A woman was attacked again. A bison was attacked again. A mind and body was raped again.

Trevon’s not the only one. Not the only one on Howard’s Campus. But now he’s exposed. And if Howard as an administration doesn’t have the gall to handle this. Then as a community we need to crucify this man. That this demon that wraps himself in mans skin never sets foot on The Mecca again. That he will be the poster child of what happens when you take advantage at a women at Howard University.

Thank you to those that comprehend empathy.

Thank you to all the true men who understand boundaries.

Thank you to those women that continue on..