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Uncategorized | Justin Jenkins | March 21, 2016

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This will be written politically correct. Because that’s what the government wants. There will be no reference to race/racism in this article, because, of course, that will upset the white people. Don’t worry. No sexual content here. That would upset my mother. And of course, this will be written in AP Style because that’s how the news is written.

How much of this will be taken out because it doesn’t ‘fit’ the desired vernacular of news content? Don’t worry, everything I type will not be the truth. Let’s pretend capitalists don’t breed the proletariat class like cattle just to feed the one percent. Let’s pretend the forecast is always correct and uncertainty is a myth. That, in this world we pretend to live in, there is no wrong. Nothing to ruffle the feathers of the masses.

I wonder how many news articles have been censored. How many sentences have been omitted because they are not suitable for public eyes? Not because of vulgar language, but for naked truths.

“Be creative,” The world whispers. “But be our type of creative, please.”

Maybe I should have titled this article “Top 10 Best Places For Dates.” People love that type of sh*t. I bet ‘sh*t’ was just censored out. Funny how our society works. We beg for the truth, but can’t look at it straight in the eye when it reveals itself.

But I digress.

Because so many love top 10s. I made my own Top 10 List of “Truths”:

1. Trump is the best solution for America.

Ignore the comparisons to Hitler, they are completely dramatized.

2. Racism does not exist.

This is America. We may have had a problem with it in the past. But now, there’s a black president so get over it.

3. We are activists.

It’s common knowledge that when you retweet and Follow, you are fighting for change.

4. Education should not be free.

Only those who can afford it shall be educated the best.

5. Being gay is a choice.

It’s such a lavish lifestyle. I promise you won’t have any trouble being accepted.

6. Men and women are equal

We are a society that does not over-sexualize or take advantage of somebody because of their gender.

7. If you are a minority, the odds are not stacked against you.

Stop complaining. (Refer to #2)

8. The fast food industry is not killing us.

Don’t you know KFC has baked chicken to go with your mac n’ cheese and thick gravy. Your heart will be just fine

9. Christmas is a global holiday.

Doesn’t everyone believe in Jesus by now?

10. The nice guy always gets the girl.

If you’re sweet and kind, you’ll get anyone you desire. People aren’t interested in others that are bad for them.

And just for fun, let’s put a lie on here:

1. We’re all Big Brother now. Open your eyes.

J. Jenkins